Durlon 7910: Aramid with NBR Rubber binder

Durlon 7910 is a good quality commercial grade compressed sheet gasket material for moderate service conditions. It was specifically developed to meet the requirement of NSF/ANSI 61 for potable water application at both 23°C and 82°C (Commercial Hot). This product is offered in cut gaskets only.

  • Aramid with NBR Rubber Binder
  • Compressed Asbestos Free Gasket Material
  • ASTM F104: F712120-A9B3E22K5L151M5

Warning: Durlon® gasket materials should never be recommended when both temperature and pressure are at the maximum listed. Properties and applications stated are typical. No applications should be undertaken by anyone without independent study and evaluation for suitability. Never use more than one gasket in one flange joint and never reuse a gasket. Improper use or gasket selection could cause property damage and/or serious injury. Data reported is a compilation of field testing, field service reports and/or in-house testing. While the utmost care has gone into publishing the information contained herein, we assume no responsibility for errors. Specifications and information contained in this flyer are subject to change without notice. This edition cancels and obsoletes all previous editions.

Gasket Factors 1/16″ 1/8″
m 1.5 1.5
Y, psi (MPa) 2,416 (16.7) 3,576 (24.7)
Gb, psi (MPa) 502 (3.5) 736 (5.1)
a 0.289 0.237

Anti-Stick Properties:

Much effort has gone into improving the anti-stick release agents of all compressed Durlon® products. All Durlon® compressed gasket materials have passed the MIL-G-24696B Navy Adhesion Test (366°F/48hrs).

Colour White
Fiber System Aramid/Inorganic
Binder NBR
Continuous, Max
-73°C (-100°F)
371°C (700°F)
260°C (500°F)
Pressure, Max, bar (psi) 83 (1,200)
Density, g/cc (lbs/ft³) 1.7 (106)
Compressibility, % ASTM F36 9-20
Recovery, % ASTM F36 40
Creep Relaxation, % ASTM F38 20
Tensile Strength, across grain ASTM F152, MPa (psi) 11 (1,600)
Fluid Resistance, ASTM F146
IRM 903 Oil 5hrs at 300°F
Thickness Increase, % 0-15
Weight Increase, % 15
ASTM Fuel B 5hrs at 70°F
Thickness Increase, % 0-10
Weight Increase, % 12
ASTM F37 (Nitrogen), ml/hr 0.5
ASTM F2378 (Nitrogen, cc/min) 0.05
Flexibility ASTM F147 10x

Note: ASTM properties are based on 1/16” sheet thickness, except ASTM F38 which is based on 1/32” sheet thickness. This is a general guide only and should not be the sole means of accepting or rejecting this material. The data listed here falls within the normal range of product properties, but should not be used to establish specifications limits nor used alone as the basis of design. For applications above Class 300, contact our technical department.

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