High Temperature Products

Fiberglass Textiles: Cloth, Tape, Rope and Braid

Fiberglass textile products are made from high temperature E-glass. It has outstanding heat resistance, high tensile strength, low thermal conductivity, and excellent chemical resistance. They are durable, resistant to mildew, and have no hazard to health. Fiberglass textiles are ideal material for various industrial insulation applications. They are a good substitute for asbestos for 1000°F level applications.

Fiberglass Textile Product Styles:

SGC – 4310 Cloth:
Available in texturized and non-texturized cloth.
Weave pattern: plain, twill or satin.

SGC – 4320 Tape Available Styles:
4320G Texturized Tape; 4320D Drop Warp Tape

SGC – 4330 Twisted Rope:
3-strand roving twisted Rope.

SGC – 4340 Square Braid:
Square Braided Packing Rope.

SGC – 4350 Round Braid:
Round Braided Packing Rope.

SGC – 4355 Knit Round Braid:
Knit Braided Packing Rope.

Chemical and Physical Properties:

Chemical Composition (Typical):
SiO2 54%; CaO 18%; Al2O3 12%; B2O3 8%

Physical Properties:
Fiber Diameter: 9 microns; Fiber Length: Continuous Filament

Working Temperature:
1,000 °F. (550°C) for Continuous Use; 1,200°F. (650°C) Maximum

CeraTex® High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Products
For High Temperature Applications 1,800°F Continuous Use, 2,300°F Max.

CeraTex Ceramic Fiber is alumino-silicate based refractory fiber, white and odorless. With reinforcement carrier (usually high temperature fiber glass), the fiber is made into industrial textile products. CeraTex textiles comes in forms of: Cloth, Tape, Twisted Rope, Square and Braid, Yarn etc.

CeraTex resists temperature as high as 2300°F. This material is lightweight and has very low thermal conductivity. It provides excellent insulation at high temperature. It also resists corrosive chemicals, commonly used acid and alkali.  The fiber is strong and abrasive. It can be used in tough environment. CeraTex is a good substitute of asbestos products in many insulation and sealing applications.

CeraTex Textiles:
Cloth, Tape, Twisted Rope – Square Braid, Round Braid

CeraTex 5170 Paper

CeraTex 5180 Blanket

Chemical and Physical Data:

Chemical Composition (refractory fiber only):
Total Al2O3 and SiO2 >97% (Al2O3: 47%), Fe2O3: < 1.1%

Fiber Physical Properties:
Fiber Diameter: 2 – 4 microns,  Fiber Length: 100 – 250 mm,
Fiber Shrinkage (1800°F, 3h): < 3.5%

Working Temperature :
1,800°F. for Continuous Use,  2300°F Maximum

Specific Heat:
0.26 BTU/LB °F (@1,800°F.)

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