SGC 5000 Aramid Fiber/NBR

SGC 5000 compressed non-asbestos gasket sheet is manufactured through a proprietary hot calender process using nitrile rubber (NBR) binder, aramid fiber and other additives. SGC 5000 exhibits superior sealibility and excellent chemical resistance.

Product Applications:

SGC 5000 is a general service gasket material. Suitable application media includes: water, steam, waste water, petroleum products, oils, refrigerants, mild acids, mild alkalis etc.

Product Sizes and Options:

Thickness: 1/64”, 1/32”, 1/16”, 1/8” Sheet Size: 60” X 60”

Technical Data:

Typical value for 2.0mm thickness
Color: Green

Density ASTM 1315 106 LBS/FT3
Compressibility ASTM F36/J 8%
Recovery ASTM F36/J 45%
Tensile Strength ASTM F152 7MPA
Creep Relaxation ASTM F38B 20% MAX
Sealability ASTMF37A 0.05 MI/MIN
Thickness Increase ASTM F146 (FUEL B 5H/23°C) 5% MAX
Weight Increase ASTM F146 (FUEL B 5H/23°C) 10% MAX
Max Working Temp 280°C/536°F
Continuous Temp with Steam 180°C TO 220°C/356°F TO 428°F
Pressure: 80 BAR / 1160 PSI

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